A photographic installation in which old remedies and cyanotype images portraying plants, animals and elements from medical history were integrated into the displays of contemporary medical products in a family run Pharmacy in Montreal.

Montréal Mois de la photo, September 2001.

Shore Pharmacy, Montreal Quebec.


Take earthwormes and stampe them in vinegar, then annoint the griefe euery two houres. Item ye dong of a swan, or in lacke of it, the dong of a gose stamped with the whyte and yolke of an egge is good. Thomas Phaire, 1553

Les verrures

Frottez-les à tous les jours avec un radis, ou, du jus des fleurs de souci. On peut tuer les verrues en y mettant plusieurs fois par jour de l’huile extraite de lombrics.

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